Goodbye Car Wash, hello IT

On Tuesday my boss from the car rental told me, the worker I had been covering for returned earlier and that they’d need my help no more. He thanked me for helping him out, told me I was a good worker and out I was. Came somewhat surprising but I can’t really expect much from […]

Changi again

Almost exactly 1.5 years ago I was sitting at the airport in Singapore, heading for Australia. Now I’m at the airport again, this time with New Zealand as my destination. I wouldn’t have expected that back then.

Thai Picnic

Every weekend, Berlin’s Preußenpark hosts the “Thaiwiese”. It’s a rather informal gathering of street food merchants who dish out amazingly good and authentic Thai food to the grateful public. With €5 a plate it’s a little more pricey than Thailand but still a very good deal for the capital. Oh and did I mention that […]

Leaving, on a jet plane…

15kg total luggage. Can’t believe I’m traveling that light. The half full backpacks constantly made me think I forgot something.  Left early and stopped for a coffee at the main station. Sorted my head, went through my documents but it seems I didn’t leave anything important behind. Really happy and excited to go on a […]

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