Sydney: In and out

Thursday morning started with a nice sunrise over Birdie Beach. The sight was spoiled a bit by six oil tankers lined up along the coast. But as I’m driving 1.5t of petrol powered steel thousands of kilometres through the country I can’t really complain about seeing some tankers. I left the camp site around half […]


Day trip to the south. Will write more in detail another day. But boy is that a messed up city! Trip to Nablus tomorrow and after that I’m ready for a day off.

About to leave

Singapore has been most interesting during the time after sunset. Not that I could afford to go out for drinks here, not with $8 and more for a beer. Yet there are some interesting things to see. Like the part of a tunnel where people engage in all kinds of activities. Dance lessons, break dancing, […]

KL extended

Yesterday afternoon was when my flight to Bali was scheduled to leave. Instead of being on it, I was lying in bed, pondering about whether I should just hang on or go see a doctor at some point in the near future. By that time I had been down with rather bad diarrhoea for a […]

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