Melaka Bazar

Always on the hunt for a local experience, I asked my host where the locals buy their fresh produce. Melaka Sentral wet market was his recommendation. The term wet market refers to the extensive use of water that is used to keep the merchandise fresh and the floor clean (usually resulting in a wet floor) […]

Wentworth Falls

Just a couple of minutes from Katoomba on the Great Western Highway towards Sydney lies the small town of Wentworth Falls. It’s named after a nearby waterfall and the whole area offers some nice walks. One of the tracks leads across the top of the waterfall on stepping stones in the water. Such warning signs […]

It’s been good

Sitting at the airport in Puerto Princesa, waiting for my flight to Manila. Scheduled to leave the country tomorrow in the afternoon. My life back home seems really far at the moment, not only geographically. From the moment I left FRA, it felt like I was traveling again and time was of lesser concern. Right […]

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