Yangon’s main bus station is more a small village than a station. The individual companies have their offices along several small streets, which are all packed with buses. The air is filled with suffocating diesel fumes and still, people sit down for a drink or a bite to eat. Most of the drive up north […]


Once a Bedouin fishing village, the small town of Dahab is now firm in the grip of tourism. The main bay’s waterfront is lined with restaurant after restaurant, with the occasional cafĂ© thrown in. The other side of the road is just as densely packed with shops and tour agents. With Egypt’s tourism crippled anyway […]

Atherton Tablelands

There is a beautiful piece of earth called Atherton Tablelands just half a hour south of Cairns. I planned on going there for some time and for Sunday I got a couple of mates together and rented a car. Renting the car was quite cheap, my old boss gave me a discount and thus it […]


Days went by without any notice from the company or the job agency. I gave the agency another call and was told that the company had decided not to hire me. Why I had to call these jokers to get that information is beyond me. Why the company went through hours of interviews, reference checks […]

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