Amazing Asia

Two things keep amazing me about Asia. Number one is that Asia works. They find a solution for everything and make things happen with smallest means. They transport fridges on scooters, they use chopped-off fish heads as candle holders, they keep machines alive that the west abandoned decades ago. Take a radio that was at […]

Next Stop: Belgrade–Glavna

That’s hopefully something I’ll be hearing early in the morning tomorrow. The plan is to leave Révfülöp in the afternoon, arrive in Budapest without too much of a delay and then catch the overnight train to Belgrade at 22:30. Should be interesting one way or another. Balaton has been relaxing and I got a lot […]


When I was younger, I never had much interest in watching any kind of road-racing. WRC was ok for me but Formula 1 was incredibly boring and Nascar even worse. Things changed when I started to develop an interest in motorcycles. Suddenly there was the world of MotoGP, where riders were fighting fierce battles, sometimes […]

About to leave

For the last couple of days I mostly rested my lazy bum on the beach and when I moved it, it was to go to the restaurant, to the 7-eleven (ice cream and cold drinks) or the massage house. As much as I enjoy doing that it is unfortunately burning my funds much quicker than […]

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