Melaka Bazar

Always on the hunt for a local experience, I asked my host where the locals buy their fresh produce. Melaka Sentral wet market was his recommendation. The term wet market refers to the extensive use of water that is used to keep the merchandise fresh and the floor clean (usually resulting in a wet floor) […]

Fast Forward

Over the weekend I met up with James, whom I met in Ha Long Bay. He’s been in town for a couple of weeks and has some information about the accommodation situation. I’m intending to stay here for quite a while and asked him about flat-shares. On Thursday I’m moving in. This morning I rang […]

Nope, Madrid, nope

There is a cathedral around the corner, it’s heavy old doors bolted shut. Just like my heart to Madrid. We are not becoming friends. Normally it takes me half a day to find out where the good stuff is. Food, coffee, staff, … not so in Madrid. After two days and eight coffee shops I […]

Berlin Basketball

Went to see a premier league basketball game for – I think – the first time in my life. Berlin was playing Ulm in the quarterfinals. Such a relaxed and family friendly affair. I only have soccer as a comparison, where it’s usually a lot of drunk people and heaps of police, versus… this: Only […]

Tangier for the Night

Having a 14:00 flight tomorrow, I didn’t wanted to take any risks with a same-day bus connection and instead went for the safer option with one night in Tangier. I wasn’t overly keen to come back, as the laid-back Chefchaouen was much more my cup of tea. The first half of the day went by […]

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