Hsipaw One Day Hike

Just as I had done in Luang Prabang a few years ago, I wanted to go for a two-day/one-night hike in the Hsipaw area. Sadly there weren’t any tours going and I didn’t feel like paying for a guide just for myself. So instead I went for the available option, which was a one-day trek […]

Crocs vs Work

Friday Nov 19th, day 13 of the road trip. Refreshed and happy after a night in a real bed with a roof over our heads we leave Emu Park. My fellow travellers are going to visit a crocodile farm on the way. I have some work to do and drop them of there. Before we […]


Blood is running in the streets and the air is filled with biting smoke. Fortunately it’s not a return of the Maoist insurgency but merely another religious event. This time every family worships its cast’s deity by means of a goat sacrifice. Right in front of their houses. Sadly the meat is only shared with […]

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