Lake what?

Another nice day in the high Alps. It started a little cool and overcast but around noon turned into a sunny, slightly cloudy day. I had contemplated to visit some sights around the lake today but the prospect of more amazing roads and stunning scenery won me over. So back on the bike. The first […]


Cádiz, one of the oldest cities in Europe and surrounded on 3 3/4 sides by water is currently providing me with shelter within its ancient walls. The old town is one of the nicest I’ve ever seen. The buildings are in good shape, free of satellite dishes and the alleys too narrow to park cars. […]

Back in the Cold

As-Salamu Alaykum, that’s how our captain greeted us in the morning, two hours before arrival in Germany. The crew served breakfast, offering a choice of omelet and chilli prawns on rice. I went for the chilli prawns and a last taste of Asia. At 6:45 we touched down in Frankfurt. First thing I saw when […]

Christmas with the Locals

A christmas eve excursion to the north shore with Richard. Mulled wine and turkey dinner at James and Queenie’s. Right now I’m ‘working’ as a house sitter a little outside of Auckland city, taking care of two cats and some maintenance work. I’ll have the place for myself till early next year and hopefully have […]

Learning to dive (more)

After more than two years of dive-break, I went for a refresher dive yesterday morning. Just repeating how to assemble the gear and the basic skills like mask clearing and regulator retrieval. Following that, I added a nitrox course to my dive education, which now allows me to use different gas mixes for diving (e.g. […]

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