Chiang Mai Stopover

After a 17.5 hours train ride (3.5 hours delay due to floods) I’m back in Chiang Mai now. I didn’t expect to be here again that soon but the city is a stop on the way to my next adventure. Quite an unusual adventure that’ll be, a ten days meditation retreat at Wat Phradhat Doi […]

Next country, please

The stay in Užice has been a bit messy lately. The hostel staff happily informed me that I could go on a tour on Thursday. They just forgot to mention that I wouldn’t have a place to sleep afterwards, because they were fully booked that night. When I found out late on Wednesday, I was […]

The touristy corner of Pokhara

Tourism in Pokhara and Nepal in general was badly hit by the aftermath of the 2015 earthquake and the following Indian border closure that resulted in a severe lack of gas, petrol and many other things needed during winter time. These days, parts of the main tourist area in Pokhara look like a ghost town. […]


Auckland with its population of 1.5 million is New Zealand’s biggest city and home to one third of the country’s total population. It is the northernmost of the major cities which means that it gets the warmest climate. That doesn’t mean much though, temperatures have been in the low 20s and rain poured down almost […]

Back on the Coast

After conquering the summit my way led me back to the coast. I missed the ocean and was happy to have a relaxed day on the beach. I didn’t really feel like moving anyway, my legs hurt pretty badly after the walk up and down the mountain the day before. For the night I stayed […]

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