Walk through Hsipaw

Walking through a street in Southeast Asia, I always find myself reminded how impossible it is to adequately describe the experience with words and pictures. Neither can transport the sounds and smells, the movement and the atmosphere. While a video will still fall far short of really showing what it’s like, it does give a […]

Hsipaw One Day Hike

Just as I had done in Luang Prabang a few years ago, I wanted to go for a two-day/one-night hike in the Hsipaw area. Sadly there weren’t any tours going and I didn’t feel like paying for a guide just for myself. So instead I went for the available option, which was a one-day trek […]

Road to Hsipaw

Aaaaaaai really don’t like bus rides. Especially not the painfully slow ones. After leaving Mandalay yesterday afternoon around 2pm, the (reasonably decent) bus crouched up the narrow and winding road towards the Shan Hills. Traffic is heavy and many times the bus has to stop to let another heavy vehicle pass a narrow turn. Two […]


Bagan is a dusty place – and this is just the end of the rainy season! Under the shower the water quickly turns brown and when I open the computer, I have to give it a quick wipe first. During sunset the haze does add to the spectacle though. I’ve started the day with another […]

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