KL extended

Yesterday afternoon was when my flight to Bali was scheduled to leave. Instead of being on it, I was lying in bed, pondering about whether I should just hang on or go see a doctor at some point in the near future. By that time I had been down with rather bad diarrhoea for a […]


KL’s international airport is big. Walking from the gate to immigration takes something like 15 minutes. In the arrival hall, Christmas tunes are playing. F*** me sideways, isn’t this supposed to be a Muslim country?

Leaving the Land of Smiles

This morning I decided to pamper myself and support the local economy by taking a taxi to Phaya Thai station. Yet when I stepped onto Silom, the whole road was jammed. Alas, once again I’m back to carrying my backs through the streets and crowded skytrains. The Bangkok Post recently reported about delays at the […]

Going to Krabi

After more than two splendid weeks, it was time to say goodbye to Malaysia. The country is a fierce contender for a top spot on my list of favourite countries. It is easy to travel in but is significantly less touristy than Thailand (at least concerning western tourists). The locals have been open and friendly […]

George Town

This place is a food Mecca. Chinese, Indians and Malays compete in dishing out the largest variety of delicacies and you can’t walk 100m without coming across something yummy. The streets are very busy but fortunately the place has a nicer flair than the really big cities. It reminds me of Melaka in several ways […]

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