Approaching Singapore by means of air transport is quite a sight. Coming in over the sea, one looks down on an endless amount of cargo ships and, if sitting on the right side of the plane, the CBD. Looks especially pretty at night. All that is nothing compared to the approach on Kathmandu though. Descending […]

Revised Verdict

It was a couple of years ago that my verdict about Singapore was “boring and expensive” (or something along those lines). And in part, that still holds true. It is an oasis of peace compared to the utter madness that is down-town Manila, Bangkok or Saigon. But with the colourfully lit CBD and the hawker […]

Singapore 2016

Another “re-visit” years later. Singapore Airlines brought me into town after a 7.5h trip from Brisbane. Most of that time was spent flying over Oz. Crazy how big that country is. Just as in Brisbane, a train connects airport and city. Although the $2.50 they charge here are more attractive than the $33 return you […]

Singapore to Melaka

I spent my day in Singapore mostly with doing some work online and sampling the local Indian food. In the evening I met up with local couchsurfer Czharina. We had been in touch since my last visit to Singapore and had chatted a fair bit about her native country, the Philippines. Consequently we headed to […]

Hello Civilization

Reliable and efficient public transportation, high-speed internet, it’s nice to be back in the civilised world. I said goodbye to Auckland and my Scottish neighbours over a glass of wine and a nice dinner with cheese crackers and filled chicken. In the morning I took the airbus express to the airport and to be fair, […]

Changi again

Almost exactly 1.5 years ago I was sitting at the airport in Singapore, heading for Australia. Now I’m at the airport again, this time with New Zealand as my destination. I wouldn’t have expected that back then.

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