A Couchsurfing Experience

At some point in Australia my focus in travelling changed from seeing and doing a lot of nice stuff towards learning something about the country I’m in. In Cambodia Couchsurfing was very helpful for that and in Germany I met a lot of interesting people through the network as well. Here in Scotland I wanted […]


Islay, pronounced ‘Eye la’, is an island on the west coast of Scotland and home to famous whisky distilleries like Lagavulin, Laphroaig, Bowmore and others. The whiskys from these distilleries have an extremely smoky flavour and are uncontested number one on the list of my favourite spirits. Aside from the beautiful nature they are the […]

Welcome to sunny Edinburgh

Those were the words of the flight attendant announcing our arrival in Scotland. Edinburgh was sunny indeed and a big improvement over rainy Bremen were I left Germany at half nine this morning. Getting to Bremen was pleasantly uneventful, no trouble with the trains this time. At the airport Ryanair has a private terminal and […]

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