Still no news on the job-front, the idea of leaving this country becomes more and more appealing. Doing business with Kiwis has been no fun so far. How different Asia is in that regard, here’s my collected know-how on getting good deals in SEA. Everybody knows that in Asian countries bargaining is common and locals […]

In Hindsight

Still no news on the job front. The agency apparently had a bit of trouble and I had to call them twice to get things going. By now all my referees have replied to them and hopefully they’ll provide some feedback to the company early next week. Can’t stand this waiting around without anything to […]

Laos from above

Once again, time to get up early. My taxi was to pick me up at 6:30 and I needed some time to enjoy one of these Vietnamese coffees. The ride to the airport was shorter than expected and I arrived half an hour before check-in opened. That’s something new for a change, usually I queue […]

Ha Long Bay

Absolutely stunning place, nice boat, good food. Could have stayed a couple more days. Off to Vientiane in Laos tomorrow. It would be 24-30 hours with the bus and I just can’t be ffff bothered to do that. Thus I splurged a bit and got myself a flight ticket. I’m really building a carbon footprint […]


Hanoi’s old quarter is a busy labyrinth of small streets packed with shops and people. My hotel is somewhere in there and I just have to step out the door to be in midst the chaos. Before doing that I needed a coffee though and Vietnam is a good place to get one. Vietnamese coffee […]

The Eagle has landed

5:30 in the morning, my alarm is ringing. Good thing my room has a window showing the sunrise over the Mekong – additional incentive for getting up. My bags are already packed (mostly), so half an hour later I’m ready for pick-up. Pretty much on time (for SEA standards) my lift arrives at the hotel […]

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