Hinterhermsdorf to Berlin

Checkout at 11:00, return of the car at 22:00. That leaves a fair bit of time for in-between-activities. For a start, a visit to the Weifbergturm, a viewing platform towering over the village. Next stop, while we’re at exploring the German countryside: Spreewald. We both like pickles, so that’s a must-see anyway. The town of […]

Böhmische Schweiz

With the border going straight through the national park, one can easily do a two-country-hike. The Czechs don’t call it Sächsische Schweiz though, for them its České Švýcarsko. Which is unpronouncable for Germans, so they call it Böhmische Schweiz. Plenty of Swisses. Our apartment was surrounded on three sides by national park and also just […]

Preparing for Japan

It’s still more than two months to go, but with a trip of this magnitude, I want to do my homework in time. What draws me most about Japan are two things: Ramen-style noodles and the total and utter madness that Tokyo is said to be. I have seen Bangkok, I have seen Hanoi. I’ve […]

Glad to leave: Prague

The worst tourist dump ever. The whole old town of Prague seems to exist solely for the purpose of providing a selfie background for intoxicated foreigners. We had found ourselves in the middle of that after arriving in the late afternoon by train from Bratislava. Fortunately the area west across the river was a little […]

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