It’s a touristy place but, much to my own surprise, I’m quite fine with it. I don’t see it as a place where I want to experience authentic Asia but rather as a place to stay and have a nice time. The tourists coming here aren’t the 18 year-old Aussie shitheads who populate the southern […]

Crazy Asia

If I had to describe Asia I’d say I can’t. It looks different, it smells different and it feels different. Coming to Australia was a change for me but the difference between Oz and Germany is minuscule compared to the difference between Thailand and Germany. And Thailand is the most western of the south-east Asian […]

Scenic Train Ride

Thanks to (another) strike of Deutsche Bahn train drivers, I ended up on a different connection on my trip to the north. Took only 1.5 hours longer and provided some nice views along the river Rhine valley. Small cities, vineyards and a castle every kilometre or so. Definitely one of the most scenic rides I […]

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