Quiet Málaga

Málaga is quiet this time of the year. Temperatures under 20° make it unattractive for the beach crowds and all those coming for the nature are not staying in town for long. I like it that way and I’m happy to report that food and coffee are on a whole different level than the rubbish […]

Normal Airlines

6:49, push-back. On the freaking minute! I have left behind a year of delayed departures on LCCs and opted to go for a normal airline for my trip to Málaga. It has its downsides, admittedly, a stopover in Bruxelles rather than a direct connection, but I think it’ll be worth it. Departing from terminal A […]

Ninth time’s the Charm

Visited café number nine this morning and lo and behold: decent coffee. Still a hipster shop falling for the 100% Arabica folly, plus I had to tell them not to water it down too much, but it was acceptable. Empanada lunch at an Argentinian place was enjoyable as well. What I really enjoyed was conversing […]

Nope, Madrid, nope

There is a cathedral around the corner, it’s heavy old doors bolted shut. Just like my heart to Madrid. We are not becoming friends. Normally it takes me half a day to find out where the good stuff is. Food, coffee, staff, … not so in Madrid. After two days and eight coffee shops I […]

The Spanish Capital

We didn’t start off on the best foot, the trip to Madrid and I. Having boarded the flight and waiting for departure, the captain announced “the stairs damaged the door and we need to check whether the plane is safe to fly”. Not what I want to hear. At all. With a mere hour delay […]

Cádiz revisited

Cádi, as the locals call it, left a good impression with me the last time I went (late 2015). Wanting to get out of Berlin for a few days and seeing that flights into Jerez were dirt-cheap, I decided to have a second look. The weekend was fairly busy with heaps of visitors from the […]

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