Rolling blackout

“A rolling blackout, also referred to as rotational load shedding or feeder rotation, is an intentionally engineered electrical power shutdown where electricity delivery is stopped for non-overlapping periods of time over different parts of the distribution region.” That’s what wikipedia says and what it effectively means is that all of Kathmandu has power for less […]

Weekends in Palm Cove

For the last weeks my weekend has usually been on Wednesday and Thursday. I work Friday to Tuesday and drive up to Palm Cove on Tuesday evening or Wednesday to visit Hiro. Palm Cove is a small holiday village about 30km north of Cairns. It’s quite touristy and somewhat upper class. Like its name suggests, […]


It’s 18:30 last night and the clashes have subsided. We head out to meet others for dinner in the city. A few metres down the road our eyes are watering and the noses are burning from tear gas that is drifting over from the 500m away conflict area. We jump into the next taxi and […]


Phnom Penh is an interesting city but not really to my taste. It is much dirtier than Bangkok and at the moment parts of the city are under water. That makes strolling around a bit disgusting at times. Watching Phnom Penh makes it obvious that Cambodia is way less developed than Thailand. The guy who […]

It’s been good

Sitting at the airport in Puerto Princesa, waiting for my flight to Manila. Scheduled to leave the country tomorrow in the afternoon. My life back home seems really far at the moment, not only geographically. From the moment I left FRA, it felt like I was traveling again and time was of lesser concern. Right […]

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