Truly last day

Ok now I’m starting to get a bit sad about my approaching departure. Spent the morning with Jeepney rides to the post office and am now sitting in a mall cafe, killing time. In my previous posts on Manila I’ve mainly shown the poor and shabby parts of the cities. That’s because those are the […]

Day Two at the Temples

Before heading to Angkor today I went into town to have a look at the local market. From the guest house it’s just a relaxed ten minute walk along the river. The market is very similar to those I’ve seen in Thailand. Incredibly cramped and everything is for sale. As my need for souvenirs is […]

Scenic and disgusting

The train route from Belgrade to Bar is said to be one of the most scenic in Europe. I might have mentioned that before actually. The claims are justified. When the train crouches through the Dinaric Alps, cliffs on one side, a kilometre deep drop on the other, the views are absolutely stunning. The mobile […]

Difference #3: Liquor

While you can buy alcoholic drinks in any supermarket in Germany, you have to go to a designated bottle shop here in Australia. They are all over the city, have names like “Liquor Legends” and are often even drive-through. Like groceries, liquor is really expensive here. A pack of 6×0.375l beer costs around $10-$15 and […]

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