Around Ronda

Walk around Ronda on an overcast day. Seeing the town from a distance gives a much better idea of its unique position on the edge of a cliff. Special program for the night: Food poisoning, throwing up and all. Feeling better after a whole day in bed now.


An hour and a half north of Bangkok lies Ayhutthaya, capital of an ancient kingdom (wikipedia knows more about that than me). I hadn’t been before and when local couchsurfer Goi offered me to come along for a daytrip on Sunday, I happily jumped at the opportunity. For Goi it was a bit of a […]

More People in Ngwe Saung

So the place does get a little more lively after sunset. Locals flock to the beach, drift around in the water (most can’t swim) and sip a beer. The centre of town is basically just a couple of shops and restaurants lined along an unsealed road. It’s easy to tell that everything is set up […]

Weekends in Palm Cove

For the last weeks my weekend has usually been on Wednesday and Thursday. I work Friday to Tuesday and drive up to Palm Cove on Tuesday evening or Wednesday to visit Hiro. Palm Cove is a small holiday village about 30km north of Cairns. It’s quite touristy and somewhat upper class. Like its name suggests, […]

At the River

Can Tho is the capital of the Mekong delta and situated right next to a river. It’s called the Can Tho river but as far as I can tell from the map, it’s the Mekong waters flowing through here. My hotel is right next to the river front and I could observe a bit of […]

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