My journey to Asia started somewhat rough. The airport bus that was supposed to pick me up at eleven ran late and didn’t arrive before 11:20. The driver did his best to get us to the airport in time and an hour before check-in closure I was at the terminal. The domestic terminal, cause that’s […]

Car Math

Now that the road trip has come to an end completely I want to see how much travelling with a car cost me in total. It got way more expensive than expected because of the low price I got for the car. The latter probably being caused by a bad market (for sellers) and a […]

New Italy

Today it was time for us to leave Mullumbimby. We had a really nice and relaxing time there even though the place was only quiet when the kids weren’t around. On Sunday we spent our last day on the markets in Byron Bay. They’re held monthly and offer a wide range of local and international […]

Luang Prabang

Luang Prabang is probably the most laid-back SEA city I’ve seen so far. It’s quiet, even has a curfew at midnight, and being propped between two rivers, there is nature and beautiful views just minutes from the centre of town. After dusk a night market opens, similar to that in Chiang Mai but much smaller. […]

Back in the Cold

As-Salamu Alaykum, that’s how our captain greeted us in the morning, two hours before arrival in Germany. The crew served breakfast, offering a choice of omelet and chilli prawns on rice. I went for the chilli prawns and a last taste of Asia. At 6:45 we touched down in Frankfurt. First thing I saw when […]

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