Really big Mountains

Having managed to leave my way too comfortable flat, I drove south to Lake Constance yesterday. The ride took me through some very nice areas not far from Stuttgart – could be something for a day trip. Near Bregenz I got a room through airbnb. It’s actually a whole flat at the moment as the […]

Lazy Days

There isn’t really anything to see or do in Vientiane. Except for temples but I had my fair share of these. Thus I haven’t been doing much, just sitting at the Mekong, drinking cold Beerlao (quite good) and watching the sun set. Hiro arrived yesterday and in the next days we want to head up […]

Thalat Warorot

In Chiang Mai one of the markets where locals buy their stuff is Thalat Warorot. People sell everything there. Groceries, spices, herbs, clothes, garment, household needs and appliances, jewellery, hilltribe souvenirs – everything. The market is a 15 minute walk from the appartement where we are staying. A cheap alternative to get there is a […]

More Farm Work

When I did some research on which farm to visit next I found out that the grape picking season is about to start around Adelaide. That brought up the question of whether I could make some money while accumulating the necessary farm work time for my second year visa. Regular fruit picking is still not […]

More Patan

Yesterday at noon I made my way to the Ratna Park bus station, 15 minutes walking from where I’m staying at the moment. I was to take a bus down to Patan, to meet up with local couchsurfer Bibhu. The bus station is in a busy market area (actually most of Kathmandu seems to be) […]

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