No more Vacations

It’s pretty crazy that flying to the south of Spain is cheaper than taking a fast train to the Baltic Sea coast. The food in Andalusia is cheaper as well, so going there for a couple of days is a really affordable option.

For me it felt good to get out of my regular environment for a few nights. It’s not so much that I needed a break, that I was ready for a vacation. It’s just healthy to have a change of scenery and interrupt common patterns and habits every now and then.

In fact, vacations I don’t do any more.

It was very suddenly that I realised how little I am interested in going somewhere for 10 days or two weeks to “see amazing things”, “do cool stuff” and “unwind”.

For one, there is comparatively little in terms of sights that still amazes me. I’ve seen some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, dived in crystal clear water, trekked the Himalayas, witnessed countless amazing sunsets and for years lived where others go on holidays.

But that is only one reason, and maybe even the lesser one, for why I don’t care for holidays any more. I simply don’t get to that stage any more where I feel I need a longer break, where work is too much, etc. I have a very healthy workload and can take days off whenever I pretty much want. I have deadlines to meet, but whether I do the work on Monday from 10 to 12 or Thursday night, my clients couldn’t care less.

I have left serfdom behind and it’s about time to drop the peasant mentality that came with it.

Oh and while touristy sights don’t amaze me any more, other things still do. Ever seen one-week old kittens? Oh my Buddha, cutest thing ever!

Cádiz revisited

Cádi, as the locals call it, left a good impression with me the last time I went (late 2015). Wanting to get out of Berlin for a few days and seeing that flights into Jerez were dirt-cheap, I decided to have a second look.

The weekend was fairly busy with heaps of visitors from the area flocking to the beach, but came Monday the crowds were gone. I really love Mondays by now. The cafés and shops are empty, the trams run regularly… but I digress.

Once more, Cádiz proves to be a laid back place by the sea. People are friendly and I’m having a good time using my newly acquired Spanish (0 to A2 since January 🙂 ) .

Accommodation is an AirBnb room in a 150 year-old house smack in the middle of the old town. My hosts are a Spanish family of sorts, bit on the hippy side and in the afternoons Spanish Hiphop plays and the scent of weed is wafting through the kitchen. Really nice place – couple of cats and kittens as well!

Anthony Bourdain

Years ago I stumbled across a show called “No Reservations”. Maybe a friend recommended it even. The centre of that show was Anthony Bourdain, professional chef, travelling around the world and eating. Eating local food, common food, street food.

Watching him squat on a small plastic stool by the side of the road somewhere in Asia, slurping down some of the planet’s tastiest food, always brought back memories of me doing the exact same thing.

I generally found him to be a relatable character. Bit rough around the edges, obsessed with food, his past a strange mix of junkie, author and chef at an upper class restaurant.

Sadly, he is not among us any more. From what news reported so far, he hanged himself in a Strasbourg hotel two days ago. RIP.