Diving, Baby!

It’s been three years, way too long to go without something as amazing as diving. Coron offers some of the best diving in the area, partially due to the fact that half a sunken Japanese fleet provides an abundance of wrecks waiting to be explored. I had checked some of the operators in town and […]


From all the countries in SEA I was interested in Vietnam the most. Simply because it is the only country I had an idea of before I came here. I heard about it and saw it in movies, books, computer games and a few school lessons. Yet the more I learned about travelling here, the […]

Belgrade at Night

The local government doesn’t shy away from spending a few tax dollars on illuminating the city’s shiniest buildings. Good reason to grab the camera and head out for an evening/night walk. Both of the above buildings are about three minutes walking distance from the hostel. The church below about 15-20 minutes.

Plans for the Future

Now that an end of my one year visa is foreseeable it is time to think about the time after May. Returning to Germany is not an option at the moment as I’m not done exploring this amazing country yet and I don’t miss anything about Germany except family and friends. My plan is to […]

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