The Share House

Last Thursday Flo and I moved into our room in the share house. The place is run by the same people that run the hostel and we’re still allowed to use the hostel facilities. Pool, pool table, hammocks, all inclusive. Besides being much cheaper than the hostel the share house has the advantage of offering […]

Getting around Myanmar

Travelling around in Myanmar takes a lot of time. Except for the Yangon-Mandalay highway, all roads are in atrocious condition and hamper travel speed immensely. I’m on my way to Hsipaw and the 300km journey will take two days. That’s only partially because of the roads but also because Hsipaw-bound transport leaves Mandalay before the […]

Difference #3: Liquor

While you can buy alcoholic drinks in any supermarket in Germany, you have to go to a designated bottle shop here in Australia. They are all over the city, have names like “Liquor Legends” and are often even drive-through. Like groceries, liquor is really expensive here. A pack of 6×0.375l beer costs around $10-$15 and […]

Amazing Laos

Escaping the overpriced unattractiveness that is Vientiane, Hiro and I got on a northbound bus Friday morning. It usually takes about ten hours to get to Luang Prabang but we were up for an early delay. Not even two hours into the trip, our bus suddenly came of the road and stopped. A quick look […]

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