Coming to Brisbane

Monday Nov 22nd. Day 16 of our road trip starts with sunshine and a beautiful blue sky. From Rainbow Beach we drive half an hour up to Tin Can Bay to see and participate in the daily dolphin feeding. Our next stop was Noosa and the Sunshine Coast. The Sunshine Coast didn’t really deserve it’s […]

Burmese Days

For about a month now, an ebook reader has replaced the 3-4 books I was carrying around in my backpack in earlier times. It weighs hardly anything, doesn’t need an external light source for reading and can store more books than I can name. One of these books that recently found its way onto the […]

Bangkok with the Locals

Yesterday and earlier today I got to experience Bangkok with local knowledge by my side. Two Bangkok-born couchsurfers, Sara and Oh, showed me around their parts of the city and told me about Thai everyday life. Now I know that Thais really love their king, they don’t like the prince and the police is corrupt […]


Iceland looks pretty cool from above. Barren but interesting. WowAir hasn’t been wow so far. Flight to Reykjavik was ok, but the connection to Montreal is already 90 minutes late. More “meh” than “wow”. I still don’t know why exactly I’m going to Canada. But I don’t have another place I’d rather go. So might […]

On the Way back

On the way from Cooktown to Palm Cove we stayed for a night at Cape Tribulation. It’s quite a detour but definitely worth it. Not much happened so here’s just some pictures. View from the lookout a couple of minutes north of the Daintree ferry. Our camp in Cape Trib Sunrise over Cape Trib (can’t […]


My guest house organized a bus ticket to Battambang for me and with the usual slight delay I was picked up and transported to the main bus station this morning. The place is basically a big hall with a couple of buses and merchants trying to sell fruit, bread and other stuff. Quite similar to […]

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