Port Bilbao

Not much to say about the last 24h in Tangier. Took a taxi to the airport at noon and for most of the 25 minute ride, the cabbie gave me a briefing on Moroccan politics. He also proudly pointed out that his Mercedes (good German car!) was almost as old as me (built 1984) and […]

Tangier for the Night

Having a 14:00 flight tomorrow, I didn’t wanted to take any risks with a same-day bus connection and instead went for the safer option with one night in Tangier. I wasn’t overly keen to come back, as the laid-back Chefchaouen was much more my cup of tea. The first half of the day went by […]

Not an early Bird

This town is getting up late. 10:00 in the morning and vendors are just starting to set up shop. Where Southeast Asia’s streets have been bustling for hours, activity just starts around here. It is somewhat descriptive of the whole city’s atmosphere. Everything is relaxed and even the touts are fairly non-persistent. Quite a few […]

Legs of Lead

Went for another hike up the mountains today but after an hour or so my legs made it very clear that yesterday’s adventure had taken a toll and some rest was in order. Plus hardly any shade up there.

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