Anthony Bourdain

Years ago I stumbled across a show called “No Reservations”. Maybe a friend recommended it even. The centre of that show was Anthony Bourdain, professional chef, travelling around the world and eating. Eating local food, common food, street food. Watching him squat on a small plastic stool by the side of the road somewhere in […]

Next country, please

The stay in Užice has been a bit messy lately. The hostel staff happily informed me that I could go on a tour on Thursday. They just forgot to mention that I wouldn’t have a place to sleep afterwards, because they were fully booked that night. When I found out late on Wednesday, I was […]

The Capital

After leaving the farm I made a stop in Canberra, Australia’s capital. The city is somewhat weird. For a capital it is unusually calm and wide. It probably is the only capital in the world that doesn’t have an international airport. In Katoomba I met a guy from Canberra and he told me that most […]

Return of the Chariot

It doesn’t get boring around here. The chariot had done it’s duty as a mobile temple/altar and was to be moved to its next destination. Before the procession started, everybody wanted to ring the bells that were dangling from the front of the construction. It did show some signs of the earlier blood orgy. As […]


Muesli with sweet, ripe figs from the tree outside my room – that’s a nice start into the day! I’ve spent the days mostly with holiday activities. Eating good food, going for a swim in the ocean or chatting to other travellers. Yesterday some of us went for a small hike along the coastline in […]

Around Manila

When it comes to discovering local food, there is nothing better than joining someone local who knows their way around the place. A really big place in case of Manila. The metro Manila area is formed by 16 cities with a total population of I don’t know how many million people. Friday around lunch time […]

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