9:10 to Bar

Just four days since the last train experience and I was ready for the next one. No overnight trains for me though. Not in the near future. This time it would be a day train, specifically the one to Montenegro (via Užice). Unlike last Friday I was already tired when I arrived at the station. […]


Tuesday, Nov 9th. Day 2 of the road trip. We are leaving Bingil Bay in the morning intending to drive the 250km to Townsville without major stops. After we left Ingham behind there were no towns coming up on the road for the next 100km. Driving there is just freaking boring for me so I […]


I made it, 30 hours after checking out of my bungalow on Koh Tao I arrived at the guest house in Siem Reap. My means of transportation were the back of a ute, a ferry, a coach, a train, the subway, Bangkok’s public buses, another coach, the back-seat of a motorcycle and finally a taxi. […]

City Intermezzo

The two nights at the bungalows were simply amazing, thanks to a great location, a gifted host, friendly locals and a pleasant group of other guests. We headed back to the city as Samart had some business to take care of (no wifi in the countryside) and I had offered to help him with his […]

An Afternoon in Jerusalem

Having spent the early afternoon dozing (I blame the heat and the noise), I wanted to be a little more active afterwards and went to see Jerusalem from above. Well not really from above but at least from high up. Mount of Olives is the go-to destination for that and hostel staff recommended to take […]

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