On my first and last night in Edinburgh I wanted to see a little bit of the city and went to grab a beer somewhere. The city certainly looks better than Glasgow. I found some nice bars, had a couple of pints and was in bed before midnight. Way to early the alarm woke me […]

Ha Long Bay

Absolutely stunning place, nice boat, good food. Could have stayed a couple more days. Off to Vientiane in Laos tomorrow. It would be 24-30 hours with the bus and I just can’t be ffff bothered to do that. Thus I splurged a bit and got myself a flight ticket. I’m really building a carbon footprint […]

Scotland tomorrow

Off to the highlands for a week tomorrow. I’ll fly into Edinburgh, immediately escape the festival madness there and spend a night or two in Glasgow which is just a 1.5h bus ride away. The following two nights will be on the isle of Islay and after that some place else. Today I paid Hamburg […]

A Circus called Vintage

The last days have been pretty busy and working times have been all over the place. Yesterday I started at 2:30 am, worked till 1pm, went home to sleep and came back at 7pm for a couple more hours. As I’ve been told that’s pretty standard for vintage. “Sleep is overrated.” or “Eight hours off? […]

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