Thalat Warorot

In Chiang Mai one of the markets where locals buy their stuff is Thalat Warorot. People sell everything there. Groceries, spices, herbs, clothes, garment, household needs and appliances, jewellery, hilltribe souvenirs – everything. The market is a 15 minute walk from the appartement where we are staying. A cheap alternative to get there is a […]

Back on the Road

On Tuesday morning I went to talk to the mechanic about the broken alternator. The shop is specialised in car electrics and car audio and the show room looked accordingly. Unfortunately they had no mechanics on service because of another public holiday. Getting one would have cost a $80 call out fee so we decided […]

Still not digging Canada

So there I was, in Canada. Thinking about what I was doing there, in Canada. Every day. I didn’t come up with an answer. I felt like I wanted to leave though, there wasn’t much doubt about that. But having spent a fair bit of time and money on the visa and the flight, I […]

First Angkor Impressions

When I woke up this morning I realized that I slept 12 hours straight. Feeling much better now. I got myself some breakfast and then went back to the computer to take care of some stuff for Andy. His webhosting company is still incapable of unblocking some IPs so after waiting for an hour I […]

Old Stuff

Asking people from Australia for their reason to go to Europe, a common answer is ‘To see old stuff’. As the country had no influence from the western world before the 18th century, they lack all those castles and picturesque villages the Middle Ages brought forth in Europe. One of these old places is Bad […]

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