Mekong Cruise

The northern part of Laos is still largely undeveloped and the road network reflects that. Going from Luang Prabang to the Thai border at Houay Xai by bus would mean 14 hours on dirt roads in a vehicle that is old twenty years ago. A more pleasant alternative is to travel on the Mekong. Every […]

Even more Waterfalls

Day two of our tours around Cairns program started a bit rough due to problems with the rental car. It was stalling all the time at traffic lights which is a bit unusual for an automatic. We got a replacement car and left the city to pick up Hiroko in Palm Cove. After another short […]

Lake Skadar

Biggest lake in the Balkans, half an hour from Podgorica and apparently a must-see. How does one get there? “Take the train!” said the hostel staff. I enquired about buses but was told that they’re more expensive and less reliable. Oh well… train it is. And what a train it was! Clean, modern, could have […]

More local Experiences

On day 2 of my Palestine adventure I met up with another local couchsurfer, Hiba. We walked around the city a little and she gave me a bit of a background about herself. Being a pharmacist and having studied foreign languages (German) at the local Goethe Institute, she certainly is part of the educated population. […]

Warsaw: Summary

Poles don’t eat Polish, or hardly at all. Restaurants that specialise in traditional local cuisine are far in between (except in the tourist areas) and it’s much easier to find Italian or Middle-Eastern food. In that regard, Varsovians and Berliners are pretty much alike. In other regards they are not. One city has clean streets […]

Cultural Heritage the Second

On my last day in Kota Bharu I spent a lot of time at the local franchise of a big international fast food chain, trying to use their internet for my travel plans. It was horribly slow though and the location rather noise, resulting in me deciding to leave the next day and doing the […]

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