Not an early Bird

This town is getting up late. 10:00 in the morning and vendors are just starting to set up shop. Where Southeast Asia’s streets have been bustling for hours, activity just starts around here. It is somewhat descriptive of the whole city’s atmosphere. Everything is relaxed and even the touts are fairly non-persistent. Quite a few […]

Stuttgart bye bye

It is official now, I have been exiled from Swabia for not being miserly enough. One has to know that in Swabia, money is the highest good and has to be valued above all else. Financial status is of utmost importance and the average citizen is so tight, you couldn’t pull a penny out of […]

Lazy Days

There isn’t really anything to see or do in Vientiane. Except for temples but I had my fair share of these. Thus I haven’t been doing much, just sitting at the Mekong, drinking cold Beerlao (quite good) and watching the sun set. Hiro arrived yesterday and in the next days we want to head up […]

Temple Finale

Angkor Wat, described as the mother of all temples and probably the largest religious building in the world. I saved it for the last day of my temple tour and was excited to get there. After splurging with tuk-tuk rides the last two days it was time to be a backpacker again and get onto […]

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