Air Travel and Oslo

Having travelled some 200,000km in the air, it does take something to surprise me aboard an airplane. Norwegian did just that last Friday, when they delivered free and working wifi at cruising altitude. It’s not like they allow video streaming or anything else that would require bandwidth, but it works nicely for a chat above […]

German Food

To whatever place I carried my backpack so far, I always wrote about the local food. My home country shall be no exception to that. One of the most unsual (visually) dishes prepared in northern German kitchens is Labskaus. Basically unknown to the south of Germany, this traditional seaman’s dish always creates a raised eyebrow […]

Samart’s Bungalows

On Sunday morning Samart picked me up near my guest house. Being a tour guide he rides one of these trucks with two benches in the back, just like the red taxis here in Chiang Mai. There was dire need for space as he was taking five other couchsurfers as well. Our first stop was […]

Visiting the South

I feel like I should note that I just spent two weeks in the south, visiting the Karlsruhe crew. Seeing all the people again has been amazing and everybody provided the poor backpacker with food and accommodation, thanks guys! Unlike in earlier years I didn’t take the train for travelling this time. Instead I tried […]

Beautiful Budapest

This city has some seriously good looking buildings. Seeing the parliament for the first time is a true “Neat!” moment. It should be mentioned though that not every building looks like it’s straight out of a fairy tale. The subway that took me into the city (M3) had a distinct Soviet flair. Of course no […]

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