Learning to dive (more)

After more than two years of dive-break, I went for a refresher dive yesterday morning. Just repeating how to assemble the gear and the basic skills like mask clearing and regulator retrieval. Following that, I added a nitrox course to my dive education, which now allows me to use different gas mixes for diving (e.g. […]

Still following the News

In pretty much every country on earth, security forces are being attacked by members of the general public. Usually the assailant is brought under control, disarmed and arrested. In rare cases, the assailant is shot in self defence. In Palestine, it goes the other way around. In rare cases (alleged) attackers survive the encounter with […]

Next Stop: Belgrade–Glavna

That’s hopefully something I’ll be hearing early in the morning tomorrow. The plan is to leave Révfülöp in the afternoon, arrive in Budapest without too much of a delay and then catch the overnight train to Belgrade at 22:30. Should be interesting one way or another. Balaton has been relaxing and I got a lot […]

The Gold Coast

Friday started early, at 5am the sun was up and so was I. Sleeping in the car was surprisingly comfortable and after breakfast we set of towards the Gold Coast. Our destination was Surfers Paradise. We didn’t intend to stay there for long, I just wanted to have a look at that place. It reminded […]

Up and Down

Getting to sleep the other night proved a bit difficult. There was a lot of unfamiliar noises from the pigs and dogs around the house and in addition the villagers had a bar playing music till the early night. The village has a water-powered generator that provides a bit of light after sunset but they […]

Culture Shock?

In the train I overheard a man saying he needed a new TV. And I thought: You have shelter, healthy food, clean water and some of the best medical care on the planet. You don’t need anything. I met people who don’t even have toilets and now I’m in a country where every second car […]

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