On Tuesday Diana and I went to do a river cruise on the Daintree. The river ist located about 1 1/2 hours north of Cairns and famous for it’s wildlife (including crocodiles). The girls have a car so we didn’t have to take a bus to get up there. The ocean road north of Cairns […]

Learning to dive (more)

After more than two years of dive-break, I went for a refresher dive yesterday morning. Just repeating how to assemble the gear and the basic skills like mask clearing and regulator retrieval. Following that, I added a nitrox course to my dive education, which now allows me to use different gas mixes for diving (e.g. […]

Bye bye Budapest, hello Balaton

Ok, couldn’t fit more B-words into the title. Left Dunakeszi this morning by train and changed onto another train to Balaton in Budapest. Changing trains isn’t always easy there, as different parts of the country are served by different stations. In my case “changing trains” meant: Arrive in Nyugati, take a tram, take the Metro […]

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