Luang Prabang

Luang Prabang is probably the most laid-back SEA city I’ve seen so far. It’s quiet, even has a curfew at midnight, and being propped between two rivers, there is nature and beautiful views just minutes from the centre of town. After dusk a night market opens, similar to that in Chiang Mai but much smaller. […]

Coming to Brisbane

Monday Nov 22nd. Day 16 of our road trip starts with sunshine and a beautiful blue sky. From Rainbow Beach we drive half an hour up to Tin Can Bay to see and participate in the daily dolphin feeding. Our next stop was Noosa and the Sunshine Coast. The Sunshine Coast didn’t really deserve it’s […]

Decision Time

The company that brought me in for interviews last week would be one of the last places I would want to work at. Just an unprofessional bunch of hackers. Kinda reminded me of my last employer in Germany, the one that made me hate my profession. Sure enough they came back to me this week, […]

Back in the Heat

Wednesday morning starts early for me. I don’t want to take a gamble with the railway and decided to take a train that takes me a couple of hours early to Berlin. All connections are on time though and I arrive in Berlin around noon. The central station in Berlin is impressive, trains on two […]

Car Rental Stories

Over the last couple of weeks I worked for the car rental every now and then, covering for other workers either at where I worked before or at the shop my room-mate works for. One day I drove four really old people to the airport. As it turned out they were German mormons who moved […]

Hiking Slovakia #1

Just outside the gates of Bratislava starts the mountain range of the Little Carpathians, providing plenty of opportunities for hiking (and sports). Yesterday public transport took us some 20 minutes from our place right to the foot of the south-western edge of the mountains. Even at ten in the morning the temperatures were past 30°, […]

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