An hour and a half north of Bangkok lies Ayhutthaya, capital of an ancient kingdom (wikipedia knows more about that than me). I hadn’t been before and when local couchsurfer Goi offered me to come along for a daytrip on Sunday, I happily jumped at the opportunity. For Goi it was a bit of a […]

Cheap Overseas Withdrawals

$5 + 3%, that’s what my bank charged me every time I withdrew money from an ATM overseas. I had long come to grudgingly accept the loss, simply for lack of alternatives. When travelling in Myanmar, another traveller told me about number26, a Germany based online bank. They don’t charge for overseas withdrawals and payments, […]

Glad to leave: Prague

The worst tourist dump ever. The whole old town of Prague seems to exist solely for the purpose of providing a selfie background for intoxicated foreigners. We had found ourselves in the middle of that after arriving in the late afternoon by train from Bratislava. Fortunately the area west across the river was a little […]

Khopra Ridge Trek Day 6

The weather in the Himalayas usually develops from clear and sunny in the morning to cloudy at noon to very cloudy and possibly rainy in the evening. All the more reason to get up early and make the best of the day (and the weather). I had a mediocre night, constantly waking up and falling […]

Nepal: Cost of Living

Nepal isn’t exactly the most expensive country on the planet when it comes to everyday expenses. A basic room (no hot shower) goes for about NPR 500, the equivalent of less than five dollars US. The 20l water jug I got to avoid buying loads of bottles set me back 55. A small meal with […]

Estas Tonne

Elemental sounds of the universe, that’s how Estas Tonne describes his music. I had seen some of his performances on youtube and liked his unique and dynamic style a lot. His album “Internal Flight” has become one of my favourite tunes to listen to while sitting in a train and watching the countryside whip past. […]

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