Mekong Cruise

The northern part of Laos is still largely undeveloped and the road network reflects that. Going from Luang Prabang to the Thai border at Houay Xai by bus would mean 14 hours on dirt roads in a vehicle that is old twenty years ago. A more pleasant alternative is to travel on the Mekong. Every […]

Early Morning

6:30 am, the alarm clock is ringing. Due to daytime temperatures of 30-35°C we now start work at 7 am to be done with it before the worst heat kicks in. I spent the last two days with removing dead wood from tree lines and driving it to the farms fire place. It was about […]

Off to new Adventures

There it is, all the stuff that is (most likely) going to accompany me in the next couple of months. Two backpacks, cloths, bathroom stuff, electronics (heavy), books (even heavier, especially those illegal copies of the LP), documents, credit cards, cash in four different currencies, etc.. Let the games begin!

More Uncertainty

So far I haven’t handed in my notice for the flat. The only reason for that is the interview I had last week. The job description sounded very good with interesting projects, recent technology and some international travel (an issue for many but a bonus for me). On top of that an above average pay […]

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