So what’s next?

More than a year abroad and I didn’t miss Germany as a country once. Family, friends, cheap food, cheap beer, cheap everything, yes, but the feeling of living in the country, no. Thus it didn’t surprise me that being back feels ok but nothing more. Spending a little more time in other parts of the […]

Truly last day

Ok now I’m starting to get a bit sad about my approaching departure. Spent the morning with Jeepney rides to the post office and am now sitting in a mall cafe, killing time. In my previous posts on Manila I’ve mainly shown the poor and shabby parts of the cities. That’s because those are the […]


Bagan is a dusty place – and this is just the end of the rainy season! Under the shower the water quickly turns brown and when I open the computer, I have to give it a quick wipe first. During sunset the haze does add to the spectacle though. I’ve started the day with another […]

Fast Forward

Over the weekend I met up with James, whom I met in Ha Long Bay. He’s been in town for a couple of weeks and has some information about the accommodation situation. I’m intending to stay here for quite a while and asked him about flat-shares. On Thursday I’m moving in. This morning I rang […]

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