Web Summit: Wrapping it up

We spent Wednesday at our small stand, pitching the project of career counselling in Nepal to hundreds of visitors. The aim was not only to find investors, but also to attract additional developers who could support me in building the platform.

It is difficult to say now what kind of impact that will have mid- or long-term, but I was pleasantly surprised about how many people were interested in the project.

In the evening I attended a developer meetup and got in touch with a couple of other techies who had come to Libon from across Europe. It was interesting to hear that many had the same impression of the talks at the conference as I did: prominent names but unexciting content.

The conference is slowly coming to an end now and in summary I have to say that it did not meet my expectations. Two years ago I visited a TEDx event in Munich and half of the talks there were inspiring or though-provoking. Web Summit under-delivered in both regards.

But Lisbon was not all about the conference. I also got a chance to meet up with the Nepal-crew again and that was as good as I hoped it would be! They are an incredibly cheerful and laid-back bunch, and the home-cooked food makes my eyes water with joy.

Tomorrow I have a late-afternoon flight and will probably spend the day catching up on work and organising furniture for my new home.

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