Jerusalem, Take 2

After another 5h ride through the desert, I arrived in Jerusalem in the late afternoon. Spent the afternoon having a first look at the old part of the city.

Brought back memories of Bangkok and similar places – loads and loads of tourists and shops to accommodate them. That being said, there are also more quiet residential areas within the walls of the old city.

The evening was a little more relaxed, met up with a local couchsurfer, Eran, to visit an art show (music, still, performing, …) in the city.

IMG_8810  IMG_8825  IMG_8830

Today I had the temple mount on my schedule. Holiest place in the world – so total must see for me.

I got lost in the old city on the way and arrived at the mount about half an hour before it closed. Security is tighter than at an airport and after having my passport checked and my bags searched, I was in. Too little time though, have to go again tomorrow.

The Western Wall
Old City Walls from the Outside

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