Approaching Singapore by means of air transport is quite a sight. Coming in over the sea, one looks down on an endless amount of cargo ships and, if sitting on the right side of the plane, the CBD. Looks especially pretty at night.

All that is nothing compared to the approach on Kathmandu though. Descending into the mountains, close-by peaks on eye-level and finally arriving in pretty much the middle of the city was the most breathtaking landing I’ve ever witnessed.

But all in due time. I left the “fine city” of Singapore in the late morning.


The exit row on the plane was empty, giving me three seats and a good opportunity for some shut-eye. Definitely one of the most comfortable flights I ever had.

About 3.5 – 4 hours into the journey, the Himalayas started to appear on the horizon.

IMG_9481The mountains got closer and closer and I hardly got my finger of the shutter button. Sadly pictures don’t quite get it across. I’ll upload a video if I come across fast internet.


Once my heart-rate had recovered from the jaw-dropping landing, I dived into the little adventure that is Kathmandu International Airport. I filled out the arrival form, filled out the visa application, paid the visa fee (AUD 60 for 30 days), lined up for immigration, waited to get my carry-on bag x-rayed (???), collected my bag and went to get some cash from the ATM.

The ATM had run out of money but I found a cabbi who was willing to take me into town with a detour to an ATM. In the end it took three attempts to find one that worked. Changing money is probably easier around here, but as my credit card allows free overseas withdrawals, I’m not keen on using that option.

The guest house I’m staying at is located near the touristy district but the actual neighbourhood seems local. I went with my standard operating procedure and secured water, food and a local SIM card. Had to show my passport and have my photo and fingerprints (sic!) taken.


Weather is a bit chilly around here. Need to buy a proper jacket tomorrow. And maybe a beanie. Even gloves are not out of the question, those 5°C feel mighty cold after months and months in 30+°C countries.

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