Gone Fishing

Today after work Florian and I grabbed our fishing rods and drove out to the Barron River near Machans Beach to catch some fish. I’ve never been fishing before (as far as I can remember) but as I got some rods with my car I figured I might as well learn how to use them.

The area near the river mouth is quite popular with fishers and there was about a dozen other people around. We found a nice place, put some bait on the hooks (squid) and threw out our lines. That’s where the … relaxing part of fishing started: The wait.

It took about half an hour before Flo caught the first fish. It was too small to eat but good enough to be used as bait. Not much later I pulled my first catch ever out of the water. This fish was too small as well and we got it off the hook and back in the river.

We weren’t really lucky for the rest of the day but fortunately Flo managed to get us some food on the plates. Rather small as well but really delicious.

We stayed till sunset at around 6:30 before we returned home. I really liked my first fishing experience. It’s relaxing and entertaining as well. And it certainly is an interesting option to get some fresh fish on the table.


It wasn’t easy but today I finally got the roadworthy certificate (RWC) for my car. A RWC is necessary to register a car and can be issued by certified mechanics. Unlike the German TÜV there are no specialised inspection stations. The Italian couple that sold me the car had it checked by a mechanic in the city and because it failed in some points didn’t get the RWC.

In such cases the car has to be repaired and presented again to the mechanic that did the initial roadworthy check. He’ll check it again free of charge and either issue a RWC if everything has been fixed or point out the damages that are still in need of repair.

This is the story of my cars RWC:

Thursday 21st: I bought the car knowing that the RWC will cost me around $600. After buying the car I talked to Fred from the car rental to get a recommendation for a mechanic that works for cash. He named the one that also services their cars. In the afternoon I went to see him, showed him the paper that lists the necessary repairs for the RWC  and he quoted me $500 to $550 for the repairs. “How much if I pay cash?” I asked. “$450” he answered. I agreed and he told me to bring the car around on Monday.

Monday 25th: In the morning I drop of the car at the mechanic and in the afternoon I pick it up and drive straight to the mechanic that did the roadworthy check. He was too busy that day and asked me to bring the car around the next day.

Tuesday 26th: I drop the car of in the morning and come back in the afternoon to pick it up. “We have a bit of a problem here.” I was told. “Your mechanic repaired the wrong part of the car.”. “WTF” I think and say. Apparently the radius arms on the front wheels were repaired but those on the rear wheels needed to be repaired. Continue reading Roadworthy!

A little more Reef and other News

Here are some more of the 140 pictures we took under water (makes about 2 pictures per minute).

My new car is doing well so far. Yesterday morning I had it to the mechanic who did the necessary repairs for the roadworthy. Cost $450 and today I’ll try to get that RWC. I did some test drives with the car as well. It’s 2.6l 4-cylinder engine is rather small for Aussie standards but the 130hp handle the car well enough. It’s more a car for relaxed cruising and not for a sporty driving style.

I hope by having bought a car with a smaller engine I can save some money on fuel on the way. The previous owners said a filling lasts around 650km, that’s roughly 8.5l/100km. That wouldn’t be too bad as the V6 engines easily suck 10l/1ookm.

Through the invoices and papers that came with the car I could reconstruct parts of its history. From 2002 until the end of September 2008 it was registered to a guy in Victoria who did regular maintenance and repairs on the car. The last invoice from the mechanic shows that he drove it till 235.000km.

In May 2010 the car was sold to a German backpacker in Cairns by an Australia wide car rental company (for $2800). The odometer shows 260.000km. In late August the guy sells it to the Italian couple in Fremantle near Perth (for $2000). They drove it up the North coast back to Cairns where I bought it. Looks like the car has been where I want to go – around Oz.