Gone Fishing

Today after work Florian and I grabbed our fishing rods and drove out to the Barron River near Machans Beach to catch some fish. I’ve never been fishing before (as far as I can remember) but as I got some rods with my car I figured I might as well learn how to use them. […]


It wasn’t easy but today I finally got the roadworthy certificate (RWC) for my car. A RWC is necessary to register a car and can be issued by certified mechanics. Unlike the German TÜV there are no specialised inspection stations. The Italian couple that sold me the car had it checked by a mechanic in […]

Reef Time!

It was about time to pay the Great Barrier Reef another visit. My friend is a certified open water diver as well and we booked a three dives trip with Tusa. They’re a little more expensive than Divers Den where I did my course but they provide better equipment as well. Especially wet suits are […]

North of Cairns

Thursday the 14th, day three of our rental car adventure. We woke up to the sound of heavy rainfall. Not the best conditions but we had to organise some stuff for our dive trip and by the time we were ready to go the weather had cleared up a bit. Our destination for today was […]

My new car

Since of earlier today I’m the owner of a 1996 Mitsubishi Magna station wagon. It’s done 285.000km and the engine has been reconditioned at 200.000km. This menace to public road safety cost me $500 and I’ll have to invest about $600 to get it fixed for a roadworthy certificate (RWC). It was a bit of […]

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