Every Wednesday afternoon the Cairns Yacht Club invites non-members to come around for a couple of hours sailing on Trinity Inlet. Hiro and I took the opportunity and joined the crew of a 24 foot J/24 boat. Instructor Adrian and trainees Graham and Graham welcomed us aboard and gave us a short introduction. As we […]


One big point on my list of things to do while I’m in Cairns was diving at the Great Barrier Reef, said to be one of the best diving sites in the world. As I never had dived before the obvious solution was to do a so called intro dive. That’s a day trip to […]

Busy Days in Cairns

More than one week since the last blog entry. It’s been some busy days. I’m still doing the developer job and Andy was so happy with my work that he’s now paying me by the hour. Every couple of days I tell him what he owes me and he gives me cash on hand. And […]

Goodbye Car Wash, hello IT

On Tuesday my boss from the car rental told me, the worker I had been covering for returned earlier and that they’d need my help no more. He thanked me for helping him out, told me I was a good worker and out I was. Came somewhat surprising but I can’t really expect much from […]

The Share House

Last Thursday Flo and I moved into our room in the share house. The place is run by the same people that run the hostel and we’re still allowed to use the hostel facilities. Pool, pool table, hammocks, all inclusive. Besides being much cheaper than the hostel the share house has the advantage of offering […]

Cairns Impressions

Over the last weeks I took a couple of pictures in Cairns. Here’s a few of them. First comes the Cairns beach. Or as the locals call it: Crocodile infested mudland. That’s not too far from the truth, no one actually calls that sorry piece of sand a beach. The nice beaches are north and […]

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