Finally, work!

Since of last Thursday I work as a car detailer for a small car rental company here in Cairns. Getting the job was quite easy in the end. On Tuesday I spread my CV over the car rental companies in the city, on Wednesday they called me and the next day I started. Working as […]

Hostel Life

When I left Adelaide I was a little concerned about staying at a hostel. It has been ages since I shared a room with someone who wasn’t a close friend. Fortunately the hostel is just great and no drunken 18-year-olds around. Quiet sleep is not guaranteed still. The second night I woke up because one […]


Turns out the hostel I’m staying at offers free internet. That is as long as it works. Yesterday one of the IT guys told me “yeah, we’re having some problems here but we’re defragmenting the internet right now. Should be up and running soon.”. Great, that’s total nonsense but as long as it works i’m […]

Soccer and Cairns

Now that was new! I’ve never before gotten up at 2am in the Morning to watch a soccer game. When Germany played Australia we went to a British pub in the CBD to get some public viewing feeling. Monday was a holiday (Queens Birthday) so the location was quite crowded. The mood of the cheerful […]

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