On Monday last week my friend flew in from Adelaide. After some strenuous months at the office he was eager to get out and see some of nature’s wonders. On our schedule were the rainforest, waterfalls and of course the Great Barrier Reef. We got a car Tuesday afternoon and went to see Crystal Cascades, […]

Machans Beach

North of Cairns are, the name suggests it, the Northern Beaches. Besides touristic places like Palm Cove there are the more quiet corners where mostly locals live and no or few hotels can be found. On Monday I took a bus out to Machans Beach which is the first beach outside Cairns, close to the […]

Moving Pictures: Cairns

While still in Germany I bought a small key chain camera on ebay (shipped from Hong Kong), mainly to strap it to my motorcycle and record some memories for the time in Oz. Yesterday I taped it to my bicycle helmet and went for a little ride through Cairns CBD. After all, writing about the […]

The hunt is on!

That is the hunt for a used car. Over the last weeks I thought a lot about the advantages and disadvantages of buying a car. On the pro side is the increased flexibility when it comes to travel as well as the possibility to save money by being able to avoid planes and buses but […]


It is warm, it is wet, it is the tropics! Temperatures are now usually at 30° here in Cairns and in addition to that heavy rainfalls in the last days brought the humidity up to 90%. Now that’s just a number. To give you an idea of what that means a couple of examples. A […]

Car Rental Stories

Over the last couple of weeks I worked for the car rental every now and then, covering for other workers either at where I worked before or at the shop my room-mate works for. One day I drove four really old people to the airport. As it turned out they were German mormons who moved […]

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