About to leave

Singapore has been most interesting during the time after sunset. Not that I could afford to go out for drinks here, not with $8 and more for a beer. Yet there are some interesting things to see. Like the part of a tunnel where people engage in all kinds of activities. Dance lessons, break dancing, inline skating and another group sitting around and answering questions to the police.

Singapore has miles and miles of these underground tunnels, connecting malls and MRT stations. At times I walk for 15 minutes without seeing daylight. Or night light, for what it’s worth.

The city has a reputation for being extremely safe, even at night. And clean, just a few years ago chewing gum was illegal here. Punishments for simple offences like littering, spitting or jaywalking are quite severe, even though they don’t get out the cane for that. They do get it out for severe cases of vandalism though.

Being a nice guy, I’m not really affected by their strict laws. What affects me more is the price tags everything around here has. Want to visit the lookout platform? $20 please. Tour through the Universal Studios? $50.

That makes the city rather boring for me. The ‘free stuff’ like a walk through Chinatown are dull compared to the streets of Bangkok. One of the good free attractions is the nightly light show at the casino.

Tomorrow is my last day in Asia. At 7 pm goes my flight to Auckland.

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