The Share House

Last Thursday Flo and I moved into our room in the share house. The place is run by the same people that run the hostel and we’re still allowed to use the hostel facilities. Pool, pool table, hammocks, all inclusive. Besides being much cheaper than the hostel the share house has the advantage of offering […]

Difference #2: Groceries

Most important thing to know about buying groceries in Oz is: They are eeexpensive here! Being used to the subsidised prices in the European Union, the first visit to an Australian supermarket kind of made my eyes water. Here are some examples for the cost of every day products. – Mushrooms (1kg) $10 – Onions […]

Cairns Impressions

Over the last weeks I took a couple of pictures in Cairns. Here’s a few of them. First comes the Cairns beach. Or as the locals call it: Crocodile infested mudland. That’s not too far from the truth, no one actually calls that sorry piece of sand a beach. The nice beaches are north and […]

Mossman Gorge

When I was still in Port Douglas I booked a tour to Mossman Gorge which is located about 20 minutes north-west of Port Douglas. Cost me $20 just for the return ticket on a bus, life is really expensive north of Cairns. The gorge was formed by a river that still flows through it today […]

Finally, work!

Since of last Thursday I work as a car detailer for a small car rental company here in Cairns. Getting the job was quite easy in the end. On Tuesday I spread my CV over the car rental companies in the city, on Wednesday they called me and the next day I started. Working as […]

Goodbye Port Douglas

After one week in Port Douglas I came back to Cairns on Monday. My job hunt was not successful unfortunately. The restaurants in Port Douglas are quite expensive and looking for experienced staff. I’ll probably not hear back from the restaurants where I dropped off my CV but you never know. Port Douglas ist definitely […]

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