Goodbye Port Douglas

After one week in Port Douglas I came back to Cairns on Monday. My job hunt was not successful unfortunately. The restaurants in Port Douglas are quite expensive and looking for experienced staff. I’ll probably not hear back from the restaurants where I dropped off my CV but you never know. Port Douglas ist definitely […]

Difference #1: People

There are quite a lot of things here in Australia that are different compared to Germany. I’ll write about a couple of them in a series of posts. First thing you notice is the different attitude of people. Imagine you’re walking down a street in Germany where other people come along your way only once […]

Port Douglas

Leaving Cairns and the Tropic Days hostel made me a little sad. I only stayed there for 10 days but I really got to like the people and the place. Here in Port Douglas the hostel is more average. The whole place is several years behind on the maintenance schedule. Think of a desert motel […]


On Tuesday Diana and I went to do a river cruise on the Daintree. The river ist located about 1 1/2 hours north of Cairns and famous for it’s wildlife (including crocodiles). The girls have a car so we didn’t have to take a bus to get up there. The ocean road north of Cairns […]

Hostel Life

When I left Adelaide I was a little concerned about staying at a hostel. It has been ages since I shared a room with someone who wasn’t a close friend. Fortunately the hostel is just great and no drunken 18-year-olds around. Quiet sleep is not guaranteed still. The second night I woke up because one […]

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