Weekends in Palm Cove

For the last weeks my weekend has usually been on Wednesday and Thursday. I work Friday to Tuesday and drive up to Palm Cove on Tuesday evening or Wednesday to visit Hiro. Palm Cove is a small holiday village about 30km north of Cairns. It’s quite touristy and somewhat upper class. Like its name suggests, […]

The dry side of the Tablelands

A rainy day in the wet subtropics. The third in a row – and this is the dry season. Two weeks ago we went for another trip to the Atherton Tablelands and had a totally different climate. We visited the area around Mareeba, a town about 50km away from Cairns. Although it’s only 30km away […]


One big point on my list of things to do while I’m in Cairns was diving at the Great Barrier Reef, said to be one of the best diving sites in the world. As I never had dived before the obvious solution was to do a so called intro dive. That’s a day trip to […]

Busy Days in Cairns

More than one week since the last blog entry. It’s been some busy days. I’m still doing the developer job and Andy was so happy with my work that he’s now paying me by the hour. Every couple of days I tell him what he owes me and he gives me cash on hand. And […]

Difference #3: Liquor

While you can buy alcoholic drinks in any supermarket in Germany, you have to go to a designated bottle shop here in Australia. They are all over the city, have names like “Liquor Legends” and are often even drive-through. Like groceries, liquor is really expensive here. A pack of 6×0.375l beer costs around $10-$15 and […]

Atherton Tablelands

There is a beautiful piece of earth called Atherton Tablelands just half a hour south of Cairns. I planned on going there for some time and for Sunday I got a couple of mates together and rented a car. Renting the car was quite cheap, my old boss gave me a discount and thus it […]

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