Turns out the hostel I’m staying at offers free internet. That is as long as it works. Yesterday one of the IT guys told me “yeah, we’re having some problems here but we’re defragmenting the internet right now. Should be up and running soon.”. Great, that’s total nonsense but as long as it works i’m fine with it.

Anyway, Cairns has been really nice so far. The weather is warm and sunny and the hostel (Tropic Days) is just marvellous. The people around are nice and friendly as well (half of them are from Germany) and I’m not even the oldest guy around.

Finding work is very difficult at the moment. Loads of backpackers fled from the cold south and are flooding the employment market here. Although I’m pretty much open to anything that does not involve sitting in front of computers it’s going to be pretty hard. I would like to work in hospitality or tourism to get in touch with people but without any experience my chances are somewhat slim.

I’ll go back to the hammocks under the palm trees now!

The Tropic Days hostel is one of the nicest hostels I have ever stayed at. It is a little outside the CBD but the free shuttle bus or a 15 minute walk get you into town easily.

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