Hostel Life

When I left Adelaide I was a little concerned about staying at a hostel. It has been ages since I shared a room with someone who wasn’t a close friend. Fortunately the hostel is just great and no drunken 18-year-olds around.

Quiet sleep is not guaranteed still. The second night I woke up because one of the roommates (it’s a three bed room) stumbled over my bed when she was searching for her mobile at 2am.

The next night we arrived rather late at our room just to find our new roommate (American, severly overweight) lying on his bed, pretty loaded, asleep and with his notebook on his belly still running. Curiosity got the better of us and we had a look at his notebook display. What a mistake, before he fell asleep he apparently tuned into some livestream of … ah I can never unsee this!

Incidents like that aside everything is going smooth. I usually spend the evenings with my roommate and two girls from the hostels camping site. Really nice and easygoing people. We cooked dinner together a few times which is really great as it reduces cost and is just more fun than cooking just for myself.

From left to right: Diana, Florian and Nele

Some days the hostel organizes dinner, we had all you can eat pizza night and original Aussie BBQ (with kangaroo, emu, crocodile and baramundi) recently. Kangaroo and emu pretty much tastes like beef. Crocodile is a little strange, many people say it tastes like chicken. I think it has a somewhat “fishy” taste.

Also saw some crocodiles in the wilderness yesterday, more about that soon.

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