Port Douglas

Leaving Cairns and the Tropic Days hostel made me a little sad. I only stayed there for 10 days but I really got to like the people and the place. Here in Port Douglas the hostel is more average. The whole place is several years behind on the maintenance schedule. Think of a desert motel in an 80s road movie. The rooms are clean and tidy though and it’s quiet so staying here is still ok.

One night here costs me $35, for hostel standards that’s freaking expensive. But that’s Port Douglas, people like Bill Clinton spend their holiday in the resorts here and pay $1200 a night. I’m working on cutting the costs on my daily expenses, quite a new experience after years of working in IT where I always had enough money to live on

The work situation here in Port Douglas seems to be better than in Cairns. Two places are currently looking for waiters and I dropped of my CV at five or six places total. Hopefully something comes up.

When I’m not looking for work I’m enjoying the tropic climate. Starting the day of with a nice Yoga session at the beach, relaxed breakfast at the hostel and after that strolling around the city or the beach. Haven’t been wearing firm shoes for almost two weeks now, always walking around either bare feet or in flip-flops. For some time my feet had more blisters than toes. But as the saying goes, no pain no gain.

This is what the place looks like btw.

Leaving for the beach now!

I stayed at Port O’Call Eco Lodge, not the nicest place ever. Dougies just around the corner is better and more of a ‘classic backpackers’.

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