Difference #1: People

There are quite a lot of things here in Australia that are different compared to Germany. I’ll write about a couple of them in a series of posts.

First thing you notice is the different attitude of people. Imagine you’re walking down a street in Germany where other people come along your way only once or twice a minute. When you look at them, they usually either ignore you or look away.

That’s different in Australia. People smile at you, nod friendly and greet you with “G’Day!” or the typical “Hey mate, how’s it going?” (if you want to pronounce that correctly, speak it as fast as possible and omit half the letters).

It’s also common to start some smalltalk if you’re sitting for example on the same bench in a park. Australians like to know what you’re doing, where you’re from and if you’re having a good time. Quite a friendly country really.

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