Back on the Road

On Tuesday morning I went to talk to the mechanic about the broken alternator. The shop is specialised in car electrics and car audio and the show room looked accordingly. Unfortunately they had no mechanics on service because of another public holiday. Getting one would have cost a $80 call out fee so we decided […]


I wanted to write a bit about Christmas in the Blue Mountains, Christmas Eve around the log fire and late night BBQ but that has to wait for a while. We left Katoomba yesterday without a real plan on where to go and what to do. All we knew was that after two weeks of […]

Wentworth Falls

Just a couple of minutes from Katoomba on the Great Western Highway towards Sydney lies the small town of Wentworth Falls. It’s named after a nearby waterfall and the whole area offers some nice walks. One of the tracks leads across the top of the waterfall on stepping stones in the water. Such warning signs […]

Hanging Rock

We’re still in Katoomba. The weather has been a bit unstable during the last days but yesterday it was good enough to go for a little walk. We wanted to see the hanging rock. Even though that place made it to the cover of the Lonely Planet Australia (backpacker travel guide) it’s on none of […]

A new Fuel Pump

On Monday I gave the wreckers in Lawson a call to ask if they’d have time to fit in the fuel pump. Unfortunately they forgot about it and asked me to call them back on Wednesday. I guess if you’re more laid back than an Aussie you’re gonna fall over. As I wasn’t too sure […]

Stuck in Katoomba

Yesterday I stopped by a mechanic next door to the hostel. The car recently made some noises that made me suspicious about some damage on the wheel bearings. They asked me to come around Saturday morning and they’d have a look at it. This morning I got in the car to drive it over to […]

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