Stuck in Katoomba

Yesterday I stopped by a mechanic next door to the hostel. The car recently made some noises that made me suspicious about some damage on the wheel bearings. They asked me to come around Saturday morning and they’d have a look at it.

This morning I got in the car to drive it over to their place. It started a bit rough but I never started it at temperatures this low (12° night time) before. When I tried to reverse the car, the engine stalled. Same problem on the next attempt and at the third time I left the engine running for 2-3 minutes to get it warmed up a bit.

Still, no luck with reversing. And in addition to that the car wasn’t starting any more. I walked over to the mechanic and asked them for help. Two guys came over and tried their luck. After some trial and error they told me the fuel pump wasn’t working properly. I asked them for a quote and was told that the part alone would cost about $450.

They recommended to give a nearby wrecker a call to ask for a second hand part. That’s what I did and they quoted me $200 for the part, towing and fitting. Unfortunately they can’t do it until Monday. Why does stuff like that always happen on Saturdays?

Well there are worse places to be stuck. The sky is blue, the sun is shining and amazing nature is all around. Just hope everything goes well on Monday.

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