Back on the Road

On Tuesday morning I went to talk to the mechanic about the broken alternator. The shop is specialised in car electrics and car audio and the show room looked accordingly. Unfortunately they had no mechanics on service because of another public holiday. Getting one would have cost a $80 call out fee so we decided to wait another day. The place where the tow truck dropped the car off was ok to stay, we had a gas station with toilets and even showers around the corner and a nearby park to spend the day.

This morning we drove the car to the garage and let the mechanics do their magic. They didn’t have an alternator in stock but repaired mine instead. They gave me a 12 months warranty but I reckon I won’t be near their shop should the part fail again.

The repair cost $230 which is roughly one third of what a new part would have cost. Even though the repairs have been rather cheap so far I’m not sure if I’ll keep the car till the end of my stay in Australia.

Right now we are back in the Flying Fox in Katoomba to spend some hopefully calm days till New Years.

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