Farm Impressions

Can’t believe it’s been almost a month on the farm now. Here’s some impressions from that time. View over the farm – the house is behind the trees Sunset The small river that crosses the farmland Ben, JD’s girl friend and AJ in the kitchen One of the peacocks (looks worse at the moment cause […]

Anarchy on the Farm

This morning Susan left for a couple of weeks of holiday in France. The farm is now in backpacker hand, mostly in Ben’s who already spent more than five months here and is in charge of everything now. While it might sound like endless partying all day and night, it is not. The three Frenchies […]

Farm Fun

On Saturday AJ, Sean and me went for a little off-road action near the farm. AJ took his 4WD, Sean manned the quad and I gave AJs dirt bike a try. I never sat on one before and never drove a motorcycle off the road. Well I did once but that didn’t end well. With […]

Australia Day

On January 26th Aussies celebrate the landing of the first fleet in Sydney Cove in 1788. Indigenous groups claim it should be called mourning day or invasion day. They probably have a point there. We were invited by the sister of a friend of Susan to celebrate in the traditional Aussie way: With beer and […]

Early Morning

6:30 am, the alarm clock is ringing. Due to daytime temperatures of 30-35°C we now start work at 7 am to be done with it before the worst heat kicks in. I spent the last two days with removing dead wood from tree lines and driving it to the farms fire place. It was about […]

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