Australia Day

On January 26th Aussies celebrate the landing of the first fleet in Sydney Cove in 1788. Indigenous groups claim it should be called mourning day or invasion day. They probably have a point there.

We were invited by the sister of a friend of Susan to celebrate in the traditional Aussie way: With beer and BBQ. We didn’t know any of the people and they didn’t know any of us (except for Susan of course). I think that’s somewhat typical Australian. They don’t care who you are, where you’re from or what you’re doing. If you’re a nice chap you’re welcome and if you’re an asshole or a Harley rider you’re just asked to leave the house.

The place is near Yass and had a big shady garden and a pool. Both were more than welcome as the temperatures peaked at 39°C (!) today. As far as I can remember that is the hottest I ever experienced. It wasn’t too bad though, a breeze and cool beer did the refreshment.

We had a very nice afternoon with heaps of good food and a lot of people asked us about our travels and experiences. By now I have actually seen more of Australia than most Aussies.

Funny thing I learned about Australia today: When Aussies put emu and kangaroo on the barbie, they’re actually eating their coat of arms.

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