The Town, the Farm, the Horses

Ever since we left Brisbane I wanted to get my car checked because of some suspicious noise from the CV joints. I got a recommendation for a local mechanic from Susan and stopped by his shop on Thursday. While he examined the car I went for a stroll through Yass.

The town is almost 200 years old and with a population of 5.300 reasonably big. The main street features a lot of old buildings and if it wasn’t for the cars and the tarmac it could almost look like the Wild West. The whole place is clean and well taken care of.

The mechanic rang me an hour later and had good news for me. There is some damage but nothing I need to be concerned about now or in the near future.

Back on the farm I went on with my daily chores. They still focus around maintenance or basically anything that involves machines and tools. During the last days I spent hours on that old tractor mowing lawn and raking paddocks. Certainly no hard work but the burning sun made me sweat nonetheless.

We had some rain and light thunderstorms in the evening and the view over the wide fields with the rain-heavy clouds is just magical.

At the moment our group of helpers is quite small. There’s the French couple, Ben the amazing chef and me. Even though that means a little more work for everybody, Susan still found some time for more horse riding lessons. We started with just sitting on the horse while she lead it around. That was to get us used to the movement and to see how our balance works. Today I had the reins in my own hands.

That horse sure looks bigger to me when I stand next to it. Riding it went surprisingly well and was really enjoyable. Quite a difference to change to 1 HP after 109 HP on two wheels.

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