Nakhon to Bangkok

Another adventure. Nakhon Si doesn’t have any public transportation to the airport. My friendly helpers at the hotel organised a ‘shuttle bus’ for me but I wasn’t happy with it. It was to leave town at 3 and the check-in for my flight would close at 3:30. No problem they told me, we are small […]

Bangkok – once again

It must the the 7th time I’m heading to Bangkok from either abroad or a domestic location. My options of getting there this time were diverse and mostly unattractive. Due to the upcoming Songkran festival all beds on the overnight train are sold out and all I could have gotten was a seat in 3rd […]

Ban Khiriwong Adventure

Nakhon Si has been a very offbeat experience so far. Hardly anybody speaks English, only some of the hotel’s reception staff do. Yet to get around town and buy food and drinks my Thai is sufficient and it’s actually fun to have need for it once. The hotel I am staying at is located off […]

Offbeat: Nakhon Si Thammarat

On the east coast of southern Thailand lies the town of Nakhon Si Thammarat. It is one of the oldest cities around and offers the usual mix of temples, beaches and a national park. Yet for some reason it sees few tourists and that made it even more interesting for me. This morning I took […]

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