Offbeat: Nakhon Si Thammarat

On the east coast of southern Thailand lies the town of Nakhon Si Thammarat. It is one of the oldest cities around and offers the usual mix of temples, beaches and a national park. Yet for some reason it sees few tourists and that made it even more interesting for me.

This morning I took the trusty old Songthaew for a more than uncomfortable ride out to the bus station. Tickets to Nakhon were not for sale at the station and were only sold on the bus itself. Rather unusual for long-distance buses. The 9am bus pulled into the station at 9:30 sharp and was on the way east not much later.

With the town being off the major tourist trail, prices are not inflated yet. Thus I decided to treat myself and checked into a proper hotel (Thai Hotel near the main station). A massive double-bed, enough space for a yoga studio, a desk, air-con and room service for the equivalent of $15. That’s paradise for backpacker standards.

I will see how the rest of the city fares.

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