Bangkok – once again

It must the the 7th time I’m heading to Bangkok from either abroad or a domestic location. My options of getting there this time were diverse and mostly unattractive. Due to the upcoming Songkran festival all beds on the overnight train are sold out and all I could have gotten was a seat in 3rd class. Would have been fun for a short trip but not for 14 hours.

Second worst option was getting on the bus which takes 12 hours plus any delay the congested roads of BKK cause. That left me with door number three, AirAsia. Four times as expensive as the bus but it’ll get me there in less than a quarter of the time later this afternoon.

Nakhon Si has been very warm but according to the forecast, BKK will top it. 36°C is hot everywhere but in a city as polluted and dirty as BKK it’ll be even worse. As the lyrics go: One night in Bangkok and the tough guys tumble. Thank Buddha for air-con.

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