My journey to Asia started somewhat rough. The airport bus that was supposed to pick me up at eleven ran late and didn’t arrive before 11:20. The driver did his best to get us to the airport in time and an hour before check-in closure I was at the terminal. The domestic terminal, cause that’s […]


Aussie culture is often described as evolving around three things: footy, beer and barby. As I already experienced and enjoyed beer and barby I wanted to give footy a try as well. Melbourne is the uncontested sports capital of Australia and as such the perfect place to see a live football game. With 11 of […]

A TV Appearance

During the last two days I got a couple of offers for the car ranging from $100 to $400. Not really convincing but would be better than nothing. This morning I got another call from a guy who works for a TV company (Southern Star) and he offered me $500 and a cab ride if […]


Today I was strolling around the CBD and came across a couple of graffiti artists on Swanston St. They were spraying pictures of surreal landscapes and it was very interesting to see which techniques and tools they used to create some really impressive pictures. There is still no good news about the car. Right now […]

More time in Melbourne

So far the car market in Melbourne exceeds my worst expectations. Since Tuesday my ad on gumtree had 500 views and all I got was two replies. Over the weekend I put the price down as far as $500 but still got no offers. I don’t really know what to think about that. The high […]

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