Goodbye Adelaide, hello Melbourne

On Monday I left Adelaide, two months after I arrived there. Can’t believe it’s been that long. After a short stop in the Grampians national park I arrived in Melbourne on Tuesday.

My goal is to sell the car for basically any price. It’s not a good time to sell a backpacker car as many backpackers already left the city. I’ve put an ad on the message boards of the bigger hostels and put an ad on gumtree as well. One day later I haven’t received a single reply (apart from the usual scam attempts), that can’t really be a good sign.

The good news is that the hostel I’m staying at this time is much nicer than the one I stayed at two months ago. It’s a small guest house in St. Kilda, a beach suburb 20 minutes outside the CBD. It’s a rainy day today but I still have some work to do for Andy and there’s enough books at this place to not get bored.

In case that I get lucky and have the car sold in the next days, I’ll be on a plane to Bangkok on Tuesday. The visa is applied for and the flight booked (can be rescheduled should the need occur).

Olembia Guesthouse in St. Kilda. Nice and quiet and with off-street parking for those travelling with their own four wheels. Looks a bit like a grandma’s living room but fortunately the owners are not as dated as the furniture and easy to get along with.

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