A TV Appearance

During the last two days I got a couple of offers for the car ranging from $100 to $400. Not really convincing but would be better than nothing. This morning I got another call from a guy who works for a TV company (Southern Star) and he offered me $500 and a cab ride if I dropped the car of at their place.

No better offers came in and so I drove the car to the studio this afternoon. The deal went smooth, got the cash, had a little chat and didn’t even need to show any form of ID or proof of ownership. Too easy.

From what the guy told me they are buying stunt cars to be used in an Aussie TV series called ‘Rush’. It’s about cops in Melbourne with cars, guns and explosions. It’s a bit of a shame to use that car for stunts but at least it’ll be an end with style.

The buyer also mentioned what a good time it is to get cheap cars. Overfilled market, few buyers, tell me about it.

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