Having spent a little more time in Montenegro than initially anticipated, I had to check for alternative ways to get to Thessaloniki (flying out on the 7th). One option would have been a flight from Podgorica but that would have taken 5-6 hours with a stopover in Belgrade. Not too tempting. In Ulcinj I learned […]


Muesli with sweet, ripe figs from the tree outside my room – that’s a nice start into the day! I’ve spent the days mostly with holiday activities. Eating good food, going for a swim in the ocean or chatting to other travellers. Yesterday some of us went for a small hike along the coastline in […]

More Montenegro

After some back-and-forth I’ve altered the travel route a little and am intending to travel down the coast instead of going back inland. Getting to Skopje from Podgorica would have required to cross back over the Dinaric Alps and would have meant either a gruelling 12h bus ride or a 300 Euro flight. Neither was […]


“It’s incredible”, “I’m lost for words”, that’s the kind of descriptions other travellers gave of Kotor, a small town at the Adriatic coast. It does have a touristy reputation as well though. Cruise liners drop off their cargo for the day, flooding the old town with holidayers on a spending frenzy. Regardless of that, I […]

Countryside, the lazy way

There is something pacifying about horses. They spend 15-20 hours a day just eating. The rest of the time they are standing around or have a short nap. Having had the recent nice experience in Serbia, I organised a continuation not much later. Searching the internet for horseback riding in Montenegro brought up a good […]

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