Muesli with sweet, ripe figs from the tree outside my room – that’s a nice start into the day!

I’ve spent the days mostly with holiday activities. Eating good food, going for a swim in the ocean or chatting to other travellers.



Yesterday some of us went for a small hike along the coastline in southerly direction. The first half hour was the worst, fighting through the touristy hordes.


But once that was cleared and the noise had given way to the sound of the ocean and the pine trees, it was really nice.


The path is rocky and not exactly pram-friendly. Hence few visitors bother to come to that area and it’s mostly some older local guys enjoying the sun and the ocean. Skinny dipping seems to be the way to go around here.

Even though the area does not have any sand beaches, it’s easy to doze off on the cliffs between swims. The water is warm and crystal clear and the peace and quiet make it a great place to spend a few hours.


Montenegro is a rather affordable country and the money I’m spending on accommodation, (good!) food and the occasional trip is less than what I paid on rent alone in Germany. Good place to do remote work.

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