Back in Berlin

Ok, that came a bit earlier than expected. Thought I wouldn’t be back in Germany before some time 2016… Leaving Jerusalem went smoothly this morning. The shared taxi picked me up right in front of the hostel and after a little sightseeing tour across the city, dropped me off at Terminal 1. Pre-Checkin-Security was curious […]

Hebron, Take 2

The news haven’t been pretty but when I decided to go to the Middle East, I knew it wouldn’t all be roses and chocolate. Despite what is going on, I still believe that I’ll be save and hence decided to stick with my travel plans. The late night departure from Barcelona was a bit messy […]

Departing from Ben Gurion

The description of Ben Gurion airport in this post is based largely on online research as well as information from other travellers and Palestinians. I have only taken into account information that came from multiple sources. Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion is said to be one of the safest airports in the world. All checked luggage […]

Gardens and Port Town

The Bahai gardens in Haifa are considered the must-see in the city. Off-limits to the general public, except on guided tours, one has only one opportunity per day to get in and see them up close. The English language tour starts at noon and I had a lazy morning with coffee, breakfast and a little […]

Through the Checkpoint

I felt a little sad about having to leave Palestine. In a very short time I had met a lot of amazing people. It wasn’t just the incredibly friendly and hospitable locals but also the travellers who had made their way into the West Bank. After a last Arabic coffee (cardamom flavoured), I got onto […]

Last Day Jerusalem

Made it to the Temple Mount more in time today. Nobody checked my passport and the camera bag was only given a brief view. Nothing compare to yesterdays scrutiny. Guess security varies with daily form around here. Once inside, the sight that immediately draws the eye is the Dome of the Rock with its golden […]

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