Back in Berlin

Ok, that came a bit earlier than expected. Thought I wouldn’t be back in Germany before some time 2016… Leaving Jerusalem went smoothly this morning. The shared taxi picked me up right in front of the hostel and after a little sightseeing tour across the city, dropped me off at Terminal 1. Pre-Checkin-Security was curious […]

Changing Capitals

There is a Kebab joint in Berlin that is supposed to serve the best Kebabs in the city. People wait for an hour and more (sic!) to get their fix. When a friend told me she did that, I told her I’d never wait an hour for food. Then came yesterday evening and dinner in […]

Working Traveller

Big difference to the last trip in 2010: I fully intend to earn a living from day one on. Being a freelance website developer, I don’t need much besides a laptop and internet access to get work done. Following the local lifestyle, I set up camp in a cafe next door. Fitting in didn’t work […]


It’s the first time I’m coming to the capital to see the city itself. Previously the occasion was either a soccer finale or a departure from Tegel airport. But not this time! Although I’ll still depart from Tegel… The friend, who’s providing me with a couch, lives in Prenzlauer Berg which is a rather hip/gentrified […]

Off to new Adventures

So what do you do when your boss offers you a new position, more money and more holidays? My choice was to quit the job. That decision had been in the making for a fair while though and it has now been around six weeks since I left a job that didn’t mean much to […]

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