Working Traveller

Big difference to the last trip in 2010: I fully intend to earn a living from day one on. Being a freelance website developer, I don’t need much besides a laptop and internet access to get work done.

Following the local lifestyle, I set up camp in a cafe next door. Fitting in didn’t work 100%, as my Lenovo was sticking out of the Apple crowd and my beverage of choice was a black coffee and not some Latte Frappe Machiwhatever.

A productive morning was followed by a stroll through the neighbourhood and lunch at a South Indian Street Food restaurant. Yes, they have that here.

The South Indian Street Food was decent and after a little more work, I descended into the subway for a ride to “Regierungsviertel”. My cousin works at the Bundestag and gave me a little tour around the area. Bit deserted in summer break. He assured me there’s more people working there usually.
IMG_9667 IMG_9669They really could have done with a little more green when they built that quarter. The architects seem rather keen on grey concrete.

IMG_9678 IMG_9685

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